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Why Yakhair?

Yak headEvery time I give out my email address, people always have a chuckle over my domain name and then they ask about it. Unique domain names were difficult to come by even back in 2001. When trying to come up with a good name, I was reminded of a recent trip where I saw a wig store sign advertising yak hair wigs. You can figure out the rest.

The More You Know

  • Arcade

    I've always been interested in old arcade games. Check out my projects.


  • Resume

    This should be a current copy of my resume, but because I don't have one prepared check out my LinkedIn profile instead.

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What can you do with it? It's like a lot of yaks jumping about.

Sir Thomas Beecham Sir Thomas Beecham

Random Musings

From time-to-time I might have something of general interest to share. Those thoughts will appear here.

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